1. What is the purpose of Verify Email Tool?

This Email verification tool helps you to verify if a certain email address exists, if it has the correct syntax and if it is valid.

2. How does this tool work?

The MX-Records will be extracted from the DNS Server, and this email verification tool will connect to SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) servers. After that, it will simulate the sending of an email.

3. What does Verify Email Tool checks?

There are three things that will be checked:

  • Syntax verification – this is a simple verification to see if the entered email has the standard syntax.
  • Domain verificaiton – it checks if the domain is set to accept emails.
  • User verification – this is the hardest part to verify, and the tool will check if the mailbox exists.

4. Do you record the emails that are verified with your tool?

No, our company doesn’t do that. We want you to feel safe while you’re using our services, so we won’t record any email address.

5. Is my data secure with your service?

The answer is simple, YES. Our services will protect your email list because we know that the security and the confidentiality is very important for every user.