Bulk verification

Specialists affirm that Email communication will survive in the next years because people will still use it to communicate in official ways. Compared with other services that used to be very popular in the past, the Email is still used and it will be used in the future, even if services like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp are very popular nowadays.

The importance of a Clean Email List

Email marketing and Email advertising is still used by a lot of people and business, but now there are a lot of things that people send and receive using their Email address. It is very important for a big corporation or for a person who owns a small business to have a clean email list, with active users and subscribers that are really interested in their products or services.

This way, they will make sure that their messages will be reached by people who are really interested in their services and products, without sending emails to invalid email addresses, things that would make them lose some money. You probably don’t want to send an email to a person who doesn’t exists or to an email that is not valid.

You have to make sure that all your active users and subscribers will receive the latest news about your business in the shortest time possible. Avoiding to send emails to invalid addresses will help you with that, because the communication process between the mail servers will be faster and you won’t waste time and money sending messages to people who are not interested or who doesn’t exists.

How can you know if a Email address is valid?

If you decided that it is important for you or for your business to have a Clean Email list, then you probably want to know more about the process of building a clean email list. There are some methods, free and paid, that will help you find out if some email addresses are valid or not.

You can use email address verification, one of the easiest ways to see if an email address is valid or not. Depending on each tool, there are different algorithms that will tell you if a certain address is valid or not.

Email Address validation

One of the first steps will be the verification of the syntax. If everything’s fine with this, the algorithm will go to the next step. The syntax verification will check for simple things, like the “@” sing that you can find in every email address.

The next thing that will be verified is the domain name. Domain name verification implies the checking of the domain: if the domain is valid and able to receive emails, the algorithm will go to the last step.

Here will be verified the mailbox. This is one of the clever things that the algorithm will do, and it will try to see if the part before the “@” sign is valid. If each of these steps was successfully verified, it means that the email address that you entered is valid.

What is Bulk Verification?

If you want to check your entire Email list, you probably don’t want to check email by email. That’s the reason why we offer you the Bulk Email Verification, a tool that allows you to upload a number of email addresses and to verify each of them to see which one is valid and which one is invalid.

Bulk Email Address verification

The Bulk Verification is one of the best methods for big companies with a lot of subscribers or active users that want to periodically check their email list, and keep it as clean as possible. Doing that you’ll make sure that you’ll get the best results from every Email campaign that you’ll run. Also, your emails will reach the targeted people, without any waste of money.

Check our pricing table and see which one is the perfect option for you. Remember that you will save time and money by keeping just the important emails in your list, so choose what’s the best for you and your company. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any concerns about the verification process or about the price. We will offer you the best advice and will share all our knowledge with you in the shortest time possible.