Valid Email Address

How Does Email Validation Work?

Everybody uses the email in different ways, but one of the biggest advantages of the email is that it will always remain the most professional way to communicate in an official situation. Business partners or students who want to communicate with their teachers will continue to use the email.

The importance of a valid email address

It happened at least once for everybody: you sent an email to somebody and nobody texted you back. There might be different problems: you misspelled the Email address, something was wrong with the Email of that person and your message went directly to the spam folder, or, the worst case, you sent an email to a wrong address. A wrong address meaning that the Email address that you used does not exists, it is invalid.

Verify email

There’s not a good feeling when you want to send your resume to a big company and you’re waiting for a response but there’s no news even after two weeks. You might start to ask why, what happened with your Email and why they don’t text you back because they said that you’ll get a response in less than a week. You can check the Email again, and you might see that you misspelled their Email address, but what else could you do?

You can use email address verification, a simple and very easy to use tool that will tell you if the email address is valid. This way you’ll know for sure that you did the right thing, you sent an email to a working email address, and you should get a response sooner or later.

How does Email Validation work?

You probably realized the importance of a valid Email address, and now you’re wondering how you could see if an Email address works, if it’s able to accept emails or if the syntax is correct.

Valid Email Address

There are different ways to verify an Email address, and each of them has a different algorithm to do that. Firstly, we could see the format checking or the syntax of the Email. One of the basic criteria of this checking is to see if the Email address contains the “@” sign. There are also other methods for this step, like checking if there are any invalid characters that were used. That’s an example, there are many more.

Another way to see if the Email you want to send a document to is valid is to check the domain. Using this method, the algorithm will analyze if the Email address has a valid domain name and if the domain is set to receive emails. What is this domain name? For example, if you have a website with the domain name “”, and you want to attach some Emails to this domain, you could have Email addresses like ““, “” and others. In both examples, “” is the domain that will be verified.

Checking the mailbox is another way to see if the Email is valid. We checked the syntax, the domain name, and now we’re trying to see if the part before the “@” sign is valid. This is one of the hard steps.

For those people who are more technical and want to find out how Email checker works, they should know that the email checker software extracts the MX from the Email Address that they entered, and then it will create a connection to the mail server, using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. After the connection is established it will trigger to send a message. It has the role to check if the mailbox is valid.

If everything works fine, we could say that you’re lucky because sometimes things don’t work as we would like to. Sometimes there are unexpected results when the mail servers don’t respond.

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