What is a Catch-All Email Account?

Even if in the last 5 years the Social Media developed a lot of techniques that allow you to talk with your friends or with your family or to find out the latest news, there are a lot of people who still use the classic Email. There are some things that will keep this communication channel alive.

Why the old Email will survive?

Most of the business men use the Email to send or receive important documents or to discuss with their business partners because that’s the best and the most professional way to do this type of activity. For example, business people or partners who represent a big corporation won’t use Facebook or WhatsApp to communicate.

One of the most important things about Emails is that people are able to use their Email address as a storage because every Email they will send or receive will be kept there for an unlimited period of time. It is the same with the important documents that business people will send or receive: they won’t have to worry about losing them because if they won’t delete the received Email that contains the documents, they will have everything saved there for lifetime.

What is a Catch-All Email account?

Because a lost Email might be a big problem, especially when we’re talking about big business companies or big corporations, people don’t want to lose any precious information and that’s one of the reasons why many companies use an Email address that is called Catch-All address. As its name says, this Email address will catch all the Emails that are send to a wrong Email address, but an address with the same domain.

A Catch-All Email address is an Email address that has the role to receive all the Email messages that are sent to a wrong email address but with the same domain. The easiest way to understand what this is, is using an example.

Let’s say that you have a big company, and your company’s official website is “mycompany.com”, and some of the people from your company have Email addresses that use your company’s domain, like “sales@mycompany.com”, “contact@mycompany.com” and others, but there might be no Email address designed for the manager. So you won’t have an Email like this one: “manager@mycompany.com”. Here is the problem: some people might need to talk with the manager, and they will send a message to the last Email address from our example(“manager@mycompany.com”), but because this Email address does not exist, nobody will receive it.

A Catch-All Email is the solution for this problem. All the Emails that are sent to a wrong address will be received on that Catch-All Email address that you picked. It is also a good way to avoid losing messages that are sent to a wrong address when somebody misspells the Email address. This way you’ll make sure that all the important Emails are saved in a safe place.

Catch-All Email Address inbox center

How to Create a Catch-All Email Address?

If you think that you might have this problem and you want to create a Catch-all Email Address you’re probably wondering how do this. Depending on what type of Email address you’re using, there are different steps, but let’s say that you own a website, your business website and you also have some Email Addresses for some of your employees that contain your website’s domain.

It’s not that hard, but if you don’t know how to do that, you should ask your network administrator or your web designer to help you. Firstly, go and Log in into your cPanel account, and then scroll until you see the Mail section.

Select Default Address, and then select the options that says “Forward to email address”. In this field you’ll have to enter the Email Address that will receive all the Emails that are sent to a wrong address. The last step, but an important one, is to select “Save” or “Change”. This way, all the changes that you’ve made will be saved and you’ll make sure that you won’t lose any important Email for you, or for your business.

As we said before, if you’ll use other Email services like Yahoo, Gmail or others you’ll have to follow other steps to set up your Catch-All Email address, but in the end, the results will be the same: you’ll have all your important Emails that normally you would lose in a secure Email inbox.

Catch-All Email Address set up

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