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Verify email logoThe twenty first century is characterized primarily by one thing and that is “The Internet”. Businesses, transactions, communications, relationship and so forth are done over the internet. In fact, the internet has taken a remarkable aspect of our lives and someone would have to be absolutely primitive and live in a primitive geographical location to be an internet novice. Interestingly, “Emails” are one of the most important tools in this internet age. Emails are used for communication, businesses purposes and storage of important information. Usually emails are exchanged for business purposes and also for personal ends. It is usually a dead-end to realize that an email does not exist or is not valid. Too often than not, this could be frustrating and can make people lose an important contact and be hopeless especially when such an email is relevant for business purposes.

An email checker could be an excellent tool to help you verify email. The verification here implies to ascertain whether the email is valid, properly formatted and exists. With this free tool, you can be sure that all these can be done in a breeze. The most interesting thing about this tool is that you just have to pass the desired email through it and in a few seconds it would have ran checks to verify whether the email is accurate, formatted and valid. In other words, there is obviously no stress on your part and no technical expertise is needed to do this.

Email verification tool

Why you need an email verifier

Of course there are many similar tools out there online but why in the world do you need this email checker? This tool offers you a lot of perks and benefits.

  • Firstly, it is free. Most tools you will find out there are not free and even at that they are less than effective.
  • Furthermore, this tool is easy to use. In other words, you do not need any iota of technical expertise to use it in verifying your emails.
  • Furthermore, you do not need to install it in your system. This is an online service and all you need to do is to visit the site and then verify your email.
  • The tool also provides you real-time results and therefore making it possible for you to verify as many emails as you want with a few mouse clicks.

How it works

As much wonderful as the features of this tool are, how do they work? The processes are provided here but you do not really need to bother about the technicality because the software takes care of everything and handles all the hard stuffs for you.

To use the email checker, you have to provide the email you intend to verify. Then the software will extract or obtain the MX from the email address and after this it will connect to the mail server. The software connects to the mail server using SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), an internet mail transfer protocol and then this will trigger the sending of a message. Connection to the mail server is done in order to make sure that the mailbox is valid and exists for the user or address.

However, an unexpected result may occur for some mail servers because some mail servers may not respond or cooperate with the process. Such lack of cooperation may affect the accuracy of the email checker and in such cases you may not obtain the desired result. To avoid this, you can always check the mail servers that cooperate with the service and use the service accordingly in order to make the most of it.

Security! We got you covered

Of course, every user today will worry about privacy, espionage, security and the likes but the truth is that we have got you covered. With this software you are 100% secured including all your data and personal information. As a matter of fact, the tool does not store any email and you can be sure that your personal information, email history and so forth are not recorded. Thus, you can confidently make use of the tool to check as many emails as possible and be sure that you will get the best result you desire.

Check Emails in Bulk

Probably you might be thinking, “Can I check lots of emails at the same time?” Of course yes. There is a version of the service available which allows you to check emails in bulk. This is especially useful for companies and businesses which deal with bulk emails and would want to make sure that those emails are all correct, well formatted and valid. In such a case, you can just make use of this version of the software to check your emails.

The processes are all the same as explained above and you can also be sure that all the emails you provide are 100% secure and you have got nothing to worry about. Besides, the features of the tool are all the same and this implies that you can even have more fun checking and verifying a lot of mails at the same time. It is seamless, robust and amazing. To verify more than one email, the only stress on your part would be to input the emails and then you are done because the tool will take over and handle the rest of the process for you.

You may not really know and appreciate all the features this service offers until you have a taste of them. All you need to do is to visit the site and verify your first email and then you will be amazed at how fast and interesting it is. Gone are the days when you have to worry about whether an email is well formed or not. Being an online tool implies that you can even verify emails at the comfort of your homes, in the street and while talking with a friend and then you will never lose any business or personal contact ever again all in the name of wrong and invalid emails.

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  1. Good service. I used the free version and it seems to be working perfectly. Tried with around 20 emails. I will be buying the bulk email verification service soon.

  2. just installed the Android app and it’s working great too. perfect to check my email list. i’m using the free version, so checking one by one!

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